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The 10 Highest-Paying Software Development Certifications

Marty Jacobs · Jun 30, 2020 21:23 · 414 words · 2 minute read developer career certification

These certifications will help you to solidify your skills in growing Software development fields, such as Cloud computing, Security and Data. They are based on statistics shown in the US, and are identified in the year 2020. A great number of Software developers undertake these certifications both in the US, and worldwide. Many people state that certifications greatly contribute their success. Hopefully this helps you recognize what the highest paying Software development certifications - your pathway to earning more, doing more, and creating a better more enjoyable career for yourself.

This certification will help you to formalise your skills and knowledge across the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It tests your skills and knowledge on architecting and developing solutions using GCP. This is the highest paid certification in 2020.

The Google Certified Professional Data Engineer is a certification specifically designed for professionals whom are data-oriented. This certification tests developing, testing, and deploying end-to-end data solutions using the Google Cloud Platform. Python, Machine Learning, Tensorflow - if these words resonate with you, then consider this certification.

The AWS DevOps Engineer certification is closely related to Software Development. This tests monitoring, logging metrics, security controls and other concepts related to DevOps.

The AWS Solutions Architect certification tests your knowledge across the Amazon suite. Currently, they are leading Gartner’s magic quadrant. This is another great certification to achieve.

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification tests your ability to build solutions both on-premise, and in the cloud, using Microsoft Azure.

The Puppet certification is a product-specific certification. It tests your knowledge of Puppet, a DevOps tool required to build Infrastructure as code. This certification is aimed towards DevOps professionals.

The CISSP certification is one of the most in-demand certifications in the field of security. This will enhance your knowledge in this niche domain and test a broad range of skills related to security.

The CSSLP specifically focuses on software security within the software development lifecycle. It is a great certificate particularly for security engineers or developers who work in the field of security.

The ITIL certification is worth mentioning - this may help Software developers learn more about the ‘business’ side. Particularly those whom work in development support often see value in this certification.

The Java SE Programmer Certification tests your skills using the Java language. It is a certification recommended for Java developers. This is a language-specific certification and should be considered if you don’t plan on writing anything else but Java!